Push and Shove from the Gwen Stefani Collection

Hello, my fellow fans of all thing polished and glittery.  Today on the blog is Push and Shove from the Gwen Stefani Collection by OPI.  I was super excited to get this polish because I do love metallics very much.  However, I’m a bit disappoint in this polish.  Overall I do like it a lot, but like Jessica from Be Happy and Buy Polish noted it does show all the flaws of ones nail plate.  With that being said it makes the nail look like it was wrapped up in tin foil, and I love that effect.

Sorry my pictures are not the best.  I’ll have to get to work on a light box, so I can take fabulous pictures for you all.

IMG_0419 IMG_0420 IMG_0421 IMG_0422 IMG_0423 IMG_0424 IMG_0425

Honestly the pictures do not do Push and Shove justice because it looks so much better in person.

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My very first swatches from the Gwen Stefani Collection by OPI

Hello to everyone who stumbles across my little blog.  I’m so very excited to start blogging about a new obsession for me, and that is NAIL POLISH.  I could go on and on about how much I enjoy painting nails.  If you haven’t guessed by the name of my blog that yes I am a man.  A man is who has falling head over heals for painting nails.

Now on to business, my very first review is on two colors I picked up the other day from the Gwen Stefani collection by OPI.  The first color is “I Sing in Color”, and I absolutely love(LOVE) this color.  Oh my gosh it is sooOOoo stunning.  It definitely is one of my favorite colors from OPI.



From left to right I Sing in Color, Lay Down that Base, Push and Shove, and finally Julep Polymere top coat.

OPI I Sing in Color with top coat


And now for a close up view.



Oh my, I just so have to do something about my cuticles they are so dry.  Well thank you for reading I really appreciated it my dears.  I’m off to take care of my cuticles. 🙂